Soho Robusto
Cigar Roller for Atlanta area events
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Weddings are big in Savannah while corporate events thrive in Atlanta along Peachtree and Golf outings are popular at Augusta and throughout Georgia.

We are a premium brand with cigars imported from the Dominican Republic. Cigars rolled at your event are imported unfinished to be completed in front of your guests on the night of the Big Event. None of our cigars are made anywhere in the U.S..


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Cigar Catering® Atlanta area events overview;

The cigar roller events we perform are not limited to Atlanta. Savannah is another hotspot for upscale parties going all the way north to Myrtle Beach with cigar rolling performances in Charleston, Hilton Head and the Golf outings at Augusta. Rollers are requested and booked for Florida with events in Jacksonville and the resorts on Amelia Island

Cigar Roller shows in Atlanta, Savannah, Decatur, Collier Hills, Buckhead, Johns Creek, Peachtree, Brookwood, Alpharetta, Chastain Park, Druid Hills, Atlantic Station and more